Financial & Capital Needs Analysis
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Life Goals

Keep it simple

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Financial Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis for High Net Worth!

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Business Planning Suite
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Business Continuation, Key Person and Business Valuation

Add a new dimension to your practice and broaden your capabilities.

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Retirement Distribution & Income Analysis
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Impact's Retirement Road Map

Be Seen as a “Distribution” Expert!

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Retirement Test Drive

A Must for all Boomers!

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Qualified Plan Distribution Analysis

Over 10 Sales Tracks for IRAs, 401k!

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Annuity Strategies

Break into the NQ Annuity Market

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Estate & Wealth Transfer Analysis
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Estate Tax Concepts

Prospect for More Wealthy Clients!

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Estate Tax Analysis

#1 Estate Planning Tool on the Market!

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Wealth Distribution Analysis

Powerful Cash Flow Planning!

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