Customize the Sales Presentation for Each Client

  • Get right to the point with Summary of Goals, or present a detailed analysis.
  • Arrange needs in the order you want to present them.
  • Add your own custom text page.

Illustrate Product Recommendations

  • Recommendations pages for life, disability and long-term care insurance illustrate the benefits of your recommendations. The recommendations page shows how much insurance need the software calculated and how much you recommend.

Don’t Struggle to Learn a New Software Program

  • Simple data entry is easy to learn and similar to the average goal-based programs on the market.
  • Goal-based approach makes numbers and calculations easy to follow.
  • Visual presentation is easy to explain to clients.

What Makes the Presentation Significantly More Effective

Summary of Goals - The advisor and client have a one-page visual overview of where they currently stand with each of their financial goals and what needs to be done to achieve their goals. This bonus page allows you to get right to the point – or present a detailed analysis.

Arranging the Presentation - The advisor can first discuss what the client perceives as their #1 most important concern, increasing the opportunity for the client to take action, but the advisor can then also discuss additional concerns they want to introduce to the client.

Recommendation Pages - The advisor can visually illustrate to the client the benefits of your recommended policies for: Life insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance. The recommendations page shows how much insurance need the software calculated and how much you recommend.

Recommendation Page Is Important

Here is why. Not only does it prevent BUYER’S REMORSE, but it also prevents competing advisors from stealing your clients. What is one of the first things an advisor does when they meet with a new client? They ask the client if they can review the client’s existing insurance policies. Then what do they do? They tell the client why their current coverage is not sufficient or is inappropriate in an attempt to undermine the client’s current advisor relationship. A great way to keep this from happening to you is to suggest the insurance Recommendation page is kept with the policy. That way, when they client pulls out their policies for a competing advisor to review, the client is reminded why they purchased the insurance, and will not allow the competing advisor to undermine your relationship.

Life Goals Screenshot

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Visual Layout – The printed report is designed with encapsulated sections to limit the amount of information the client must process at one time, reducing the likelihood of the client feeling overwhelmed or overloaded with information.

Numerical Layout - The calculation results are presented in a logical and transparent fashion to make it easy for an advisor to verify the results with a calculator.

What you must know before you subscribe to Life Goals:

  1. If you’ve ever used a needs-based software product in the past, then you will already be up to speed with Life Goals the first time you use it. All needs-based software is basically the same. There’s nothing spectacular about Life Goals other than the intricacies in the wit of the engineering, and the professionally stunning user experience and client presentation.
  2. There is no commitment on your part. It’s a monthly subscription. You can unsubscribe at any time if it’s not right for you.
  3. Impact is a company that urges feedback. The designers spend their careers not building software, but building our clients’ trust. Trust that our designs take into account how all our clients use it and where improvements need to be made in the future to make sure the product is helping you work less make you more successful.

The Tiny Bit of Work You Have to Do to Make Money

You start out by collecting the client’s data, either by paper fact finder and then entering the data into the software, or entering the data directly into the software at point-of-sale.

It was purposefully designed to give you flexibility without frustration in front of your computer.

Life Goals Screenshot

Click image to enlarge

Life Goals Screenshot

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It’s this simple. The software automatically selects a default page selection based on the data you entered for a particular client. You’re not limited to the default page selection, though. Pick your pages by clicking the box beside each page. Even drag and drop your goal sections in the order you want to present them.

  • Choose the pages you want to print.
  • Choose the order you want to present each goal’s section.
  • Choose to print recommendations.
  • Choose to create your own custom notes page.
  • Choose to print resource pages to complement your sales strategy.
Life Goals Screenshot

The “Hey, I can actually understand this!” Presentation Your Client Can Take Action On

Life Goals steps your client through each of the goals he/she wishes to focus their attention on. Each goal is presented in the same style, creating a sub-conscious “flow” that’s easy to follow.

It starts with their overall selection of goals they currently wish to address, metering where they stand today in relation to a perfect plan for their life’s goals.

Then each goal is analyzed in simple terms. Each goal’s section of analysis includes:

  • Goal Objective
  • Current Progress towards Goal
  • Actions Needed to Achieve Goal
  • Supporting Graphs and Ledgers
  • Supporting Assumptions and Details
  • Recommendation Pages (for insurance policies)
  • Resource Pages

The overall report also includes a customizable notes page and optional resource pages that act as backup to your proposal, or simply educational sales pages.

Their Simple…

  • Dull
  • Calculations are simplified or compromised
  • It looks “unsophisticated”
  • Goals presented in a pre-set order

Life Goals Simple…

  • Attractive
  • Easy to understand
  • Accurate
  • Detailed calculations displayed simply
  • Quickly see if and where a problem exists
  • Goals presented in order of the client’s priorities

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This product sits on the Web-based PlanLab platform. The complete functionality of PlanLab comes in an easy-to-use, web-based package that requires little or no training to get started. Intuitive features in PlanLab make it easy to collect and analyze client data, motivate clients to action, and monitor their progress.

Impact Technologies Group, Inc. (Impact®)

Impact is known throughout the industry for creating sales presentations that combine numerical analysis and sales psychology to inform, alarm, and motivate clients to take action.

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It has to look good

Considering everyone in America has to think about their five key financial needs, everyone is a prospect. We’re not talking just baby-boomers or the middle-aged, but any adult thinking about their future.

The majority of twenty-something’s and, even thirty-something’s, don’t understand the benefit of working with an expert; especially if they don’t have extra cash flow. It’s important for them to understand that financial planning is not always about investments and retirement. It’s also about protecting what they have so you don’t risk losing what they’ve gained so far. These twenty and thirty-something’s are open to planning, but the average needs packages can be a road block. Something too boring, with too many ledgers and a first page presenting too much to digest can quickly sink interest and determination to go any further.

That is why while updating our basic needs package, we had no interest in re-inventing the wheel as it’s known. We wanted to revamp the wheel with a more attractive appearance and a better handling experience for both the expert and the client. We wanted our product to lose the road blocks that other needs packages present.

Life Goals doesn’t re-invent the wheel, it just gives it a set of racing tires. Quote Mark

Heather D. Vaartjes, MCP, MCPS
Chief Operating Officer

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