Wealth Distribution Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis from an Estate Planning Perspective

WDA addresses the primary financial concern of most wealthy clients (especially during estate planning) - adequate income for the rest of their lives.

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Wealth Distribution Analysis is the only tool that shows the total consequences of a client’s current or proposed plan. Planners can examine a year-by-year estimate of the effects of their planning on net worth, cash flow, and net to heirs. WDA may also be used to evaluate retirement planning, using gifts to buy life insurance, charitable gifts, college funding, and long-term care expenses. WDA addresses the primary financial want of most wealthy people—adequate income for the rest of their lives.

The plans you propose raise some tough questions.

  • How will this planning affect our lifestyle?
  • What about our living expenses?
  • How will it affect our heirs?

Wealth Distribution Analysis helps examine the consequences of your client's current and proposed planning. Examine year-by-year estimates of the effects of your planning on net worth, cash flow and net to heirs. Immediately see the financial benefits and the cost of the recommended planning.

WDA allows you to . . .

Model True Cash Flow

WDA is the only software that focuses on every aspect of your clients' plans, allowing you to illustrate the effect your plan has on their true cash flow. By prioritizing their investments, WDA helps show clients how your planning makes sense and is affordable.

Analyze Complex Variables

WDA is surprisingly easy to use considering the complex variables involved, such as tax laws, spending patterns, growth rates, and liabilities.

Help Clients Understand the Consequences of Planning on Net Worth, Cash Flow, and Net to Heirs

Presentations and proposals generated by WDA are simple and straightforward. Your clients will finally understand the consequences of your planning on net worth, standard of living, and net to heirs.

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WDA may be used to evaluate:

  • Retirement planning
  • Pension planning
  • Irrevocable gifts
  • Gift planning
  • Charitable gifts
  • Trust planning and funding
  • Cash flow planning

Convince your clients to take action today with Wealth Distribution Analysis.

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This product sits on the Web-based PlanLab platform. The complete functionality of PlanLab comes in an easy-to-use, web-based package that requires little or no training to get started. Intuitive features in PlanLab make it easy to collect and analyze client data, motivate clients to action, and monitor their progress.

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