Needs Analysis
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Life Goals

Education, Retirement, Survivor, Disability, Long-Term Care, Quick, flexible data entry...

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Financial Needs Analysis

Education, Retirement, Survivor, Disability, Long-Term Care. Detailed, flexible asset entry and cash flow calculations...

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Financial Strategies

Includes Monte Carlo Simulation, Probablity of Success®

10+ areas of analysis: Capital Needs plus Debt Analysis, Investment Analysis and Asset Allocation, Estate Planning, Monte Carlo Simulation, Scenario Comparisons...

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Business Owners
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Business Continuation, Key Person and Business Valuation

Illustrate to clients the need to continue their business. Determine the fair value of the business...

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Retirement Income
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Impact's Retirement Road Map

Market "Retirement Income Planning" for Baby Boomers. Simple 6 question fact finder data entry...

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Retirement Test Drive

Take the client’s current financial situation for a “test drive”. Detailed, flexible asset entry and cash flow calculations...

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Qualified Plan Distribution Analysis

Illustrate distributions and show the benefits of life insurance. Show Distribution Ledgers with Spending...

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Annuity Strategies

Illustrate "Stretch" concept for non-qualified annuities. Illustrate the need for life insurance to provide liquidity for estate and income taxes...

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Estate & Wealth Transfer
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Estate Tax Concepts

Simplifies complex estate topics. Clarifies planning concepts for clients...

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Estate Tax Analysis

Most flexible estate analysis tool on the market. Flowcharts visually illustrate the effects of recommendations and new insurance...

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Wealth Distribution Analysis

Illustrate the consequences of any financial plan in terms of net worth, standard of living and net to heirs...

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